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After a decade of fine dining, whiskey bars, Italian Prosciutto shops, and everything else between.


In 2019 we began a journey to the Finger Lakes with a simple intention; harness decades of our culinary experience, connecting our unique products to the immediate community in an innovative approach to food service. 

In 2020 we opened to the public in the height of a global pandemic that humbled the entire food industry.  Our approach to a pick up and go bakery and sandwich shop was embraced by the community from the start.  At a time when many restaurants were closing our community was eager to support our new endeavor, and motivated us to solidify our concept.

With great thanks to our community, friends, partners, farmers, and supporters we are emboldened to continue our mission that began from day one and expand to new ideas and concepts that connect LAND to PEOPLE.




Sam Walker
Kal Awad

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